From the website of Jason DeCaire Taylor

Jason DeCaire Taylor, a British sculptor, creates beautiful and haunting life-size sculptures underwater in the oceans. These evolve to become reefs, many in places where the original reefs have suffered environmental degradation. His exhibits can be seen either by diving or glass-bottom boats, all over the world.

“Vicissitudes” is a large circle of figures shackled together and holding hands, off the coast of Grenada in the Caribbean.

Vicissitudes by Jason deCaire Taylor

Vicissitudes by Jason deCaire Taylor

It remembers the captive Africans who died on slave ships during the Middle Passage, the crossing from Africa to the Americas. About a third of captives died from the horrible conditions on board. Their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic. Others, particularly women with children, who were often allowed to move about unshackled on deck, threw themselves over. Many believed in reincarnation and hoped to escape slavery and be reborn to a life of freedom.

The paragraph above, posted here on 5/23/12, is erroneous. It perpetuates a myth circulating around the web. We apologize to our visitors and to the artist for our error – and thank the visitors who left comments on the exhibit bringing this to our attention. Please go to the Vicissitudes exhibit and read the artist’s statement describing this  work.

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