The following internships are offered primarily to graduate students in Museum Studies, History, Public History, and Information Science. They can be taken for credit (by agreement with the student’s institution) or for the experience.  Internships marked with an asterisk (*) require a minimum of 150/semester.

To apply, send a resumé and cover letter explaining which position interests you to, by August 17, 2012.  Contact Dr. Fran Kaplan with questions at the same address.

1.    Still and Moving Images Researcher/Labeler

a.     Search for and collect digital images and videos needed for exhibits.

b.    Assist scholar-griots with finding images for their exhibit submissions.

c.     Label images with appropriate credits and interpretive text matched to each exhibit to enhance the story told in that exhibit.

2.    Interpretive Text Researcher/Writer/Editor*

a.     Research assigned topics in the study of the Black Holocaust.

b.    Create exhibits about these topics by writing interpretive text (at 8th grade reading level.

c.     Choose moving and still images to accompany the text (in collaboration with Images Researcher/Labeler.

d.    Submit exhibits for Editorial Board review and make corrections based upon EB suggestions.

e.    Assist scholar-griots with the readability level of their exhibit submissions by suggestiing emmendations.

3.    Outreach and Social Media Assistant Manager/Writer*

a.     Coordinate museum’s volunteer social media assistants.

b.    Contribute posts regularly to ABHM’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

c.     Research and post Breaking News exhibits 3-5 days/week.

d.    Assist public relations and media consultants in designing and executing outreach campaigns to bring new visitors to the museum.

4.    Grant Research/Writing Assistant*

a.     Identify funding opportunities on the regional and national levels.

b.    Assist in designing projects that meet ABHM and funder requirements.

c.     Assist in writing proposals and gathering support materials.

5.    Fine Arts Assistant Manager

a.     Help develop criteria for accepting art exhibits and commissions.

b.    Work with artists who exhibit work in the museum and/or sell work through the museum’s online store.

c.     Assist with outreach to the arts community nationally and internationally.

6.    Interactive Media Production Assistant*

a.     Help conceive, design, develop content, produce and support digital media-based exhibits, including

1.    games

2.    distance learning presentations

3.    visitor comments section

4.    short videos

b.    Maintain relationships and coordinate activities with actors, subjects, producers, filmmakers, school teachers, and humanities experts.

7.    Airport Permanent Exhibit Assistant

a.     Help conceptualize the exhibit and its goals

b.    Research both the concept and potential exhibit modalities.

c.     Help with grantwriting for the exhibit.

d.    Assist in building the exhibit.

8.    Digital Learning Assistant

a.     Enhance learning opportunities for visitors of all ages by developing internal and external links, bibliographies, glossaries, explanatory and interpretive hover text, tags and keywords.

b.    Help develop curriculum guides for teachers of middle and high school students.