By Janelle Harris,

Reflecting on an attempt to conduct roll call as a substitute teacher, Clutch magazine’s Janelle Harris says she loves our people’s inventiveness, but she wonders whether it’s gone too far when it comes to naming kids.


“Courvoisier,” “Quvenzhané,” or James – what’s in a name?

“… Taking attendance seemed like it would be the easiest part of my day. But I glanced at the list to discover that 65 percent of the names on it were a cryptic montage of dashes, accents marks and arbitrarily inserted capital letters. There was a La’ Niaheesa. There was a Devaughntay. There was a Quaymar. There was a Knakeya and a Khaneeka. There were consonant clusters that would tangle a linguist up and combinations that looked like they should be pronounced one way, but in actuality sounded completely different …”

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