What’s behind the new film about black terrorists who kill off abortion doctors?

Gates of Hell is a feature film set in 2016 that looks back to the year 2014 as it chronicles the crimes of a murderous band of black domestic terrorists known as Zulu 9, who see abortion as a form of black genocide. To combat their enemies, Zulu 9 travel around the nation killing abortion doctors in this alchemy of fear and loathing. The film’s producer is Molotov Mitchell, a 32-year-old white conservative from North Carolina. He describes the venture as a political action thriller aimed at helping to dismantle abortion laws.

Equating abortion with black genocide has long been known as a hot-button issue. “When we saw the trailer, we were appalled,” said Dionne Turner, communications coordinator for SisterSong, Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, an Atlanta-based organization.