Because our nation still needs the healing vision of Dr. James Cameron, ABHM’s founder.

Dr. Cameron dreamed of our nation as “one single and sacred nationality” and believed we could achieve a just and peaceful society through education and empathy building.

His vision is as relevant and compelling today as it was when he survived a lynching at age sixteen.

Your support of ABHM enables us to:

• preserve and share the African American experience as an integral part of US history and culture;

• promote interracial dialogue and mutual understanding;

• foster racial repair and reconciliation; and

• work towards a humane and peaceful world for all peoples.

Donations to ABHM, a program of the nonprofit Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation, are tax-deductible.

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A young visitor to ABHM in 2005 inside the replica cargo hold of a slave ship in the Middle Passage exhibit. The sights and sounds in this beloved exhibit will be some of the many impactful learning experiences to be found in our museum’s new home.

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