Special Exhibitions

In this gallery you will find exhibits that relate to topics in the museum, such as lynching, but do not fit neatly into the chronology of the other Galleries.

The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall is an exhibit where you can join others who stand against hatred and injustice. You can take a pledge and post your photo and/or name on the Wall.

The Memorial to the Victims of Lynching is where we honor the lives of some two thousand men, women and children who died at the hands of lynch mobs. You can search for a family member by his/her name or the state where he/she was murdered. If you have a picture of that person or details of his/her life, you are encouraged to contribute that story to the Memorial. You can use the genealogy links provided here to search for information about a family member who was killed.

Stories Behind The Postcards is an exhibit of oil paintings and collages by Chicago artist Jennifer Scott. Postcards were popular lynching souvenirs, along with pieces of the rope, clothing, or bodies of the victims. Each postcard had a photo of a dead victim and those who participated in the death ritual, much like photos of hunting trophies. After the pictures were taken and the lynchers went home, family members came to cut down the bodies of their loved ones. These are the stories the artist tells through oil paintings and collages.