America’s Black Holocaust Museum is one of a growing web of resources about the African American experience as part of American history and culture. We hope that our exhibits leave you wanting to know more and eager to delve deeper.

To help you on your voyage of discovery, this page provides links to other online resources that address the topics covered in the museum. Return often, as we add new material frequently as new exhibits come online.



Join Us on February 25, 2017 for ABHM’s Founder’s Day Gathering!

A description of the full program of ABHM’s Founder’s Day Gathering 2017, including presenters’ bios and headshots, organizational co-sponsors, and links for more information on the subject of How Communities Repair and Remember Racial Trauma.


Annotated Bibliography – Whiteness: Framed, De-framed and Counter-Framed

This annotated bibliography includes a thorough listing of works about the concept and experience of being white in America. It contains many nonfiction books, but also autobiographies, novels, stories, articles, and videos.


Tour: Racial Repair, Reconciliation and Redemption

A virtual tour of five exhibits about racial repair, reconciliation, and redemption. The first gives a thorough review of the topic; the other four are stories of personal and community repairs and reconciliation.


The 2014 Gathering for Racial Repair and Reconciliation – Live!

A video series of presentations by scholars and activists at ABHM’s 2014 Gathering for Racial Repair and Reconciliation.


Bibliography – I Am Somebody! The Struggle for Justice

These sources include writing by and about the leaders and unsung heroes of the struggle for justice waged by black Americans and their white allies in the 1950s to 1970s.

Harriet Tubman, "The Conductor," with fugitive slaves in Underground Railroad station

Bibliography – Three Centuries of Enslavement

These resources can help you learn more about what it meant to be enslaved – and how people resisted the “peculiar institution” of slavery.

Stories Behind the Postcards

Lynching Links

Visit other sites to see works of art, theater, film, and new media, as well as an exhibition of lynching souvenir postcards. Find ancestors who were lynched through several genealogy sites.

Stay tuned….More links will be added as exhibits are added to the Jim Crow Gallery.

Mammy Statue JC Museum Ferris

Bibliography – One Hundred Years Of Jim Crow

If you want to dig deeper into the issues of the Jim Crow era, this extensive bibliography will get you started.