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America Has Finally Found Its ‘Perfect Victim’ Of A Police Shooting

Police brutality somehow looks different on a white victim. Justine Dramond, a Caucasian Australian who was engaged to be married was innocently shot and killed by an officer and people of all backgrounds are mourning her loss, but it wasn’t the same reaction when Philando Castile, who was also engaged to be married, was innocently shot and killed by an officer. See what the media has to say about it.


Is Black Male Privilege A Real Issue in Our Community?

Some argue that black male privilege is real, as the recent news of black males has been overshadowing the mass incarceration rate of women along with their disparities. It is also argued that women can be found championing the cause of black males, but the same is not always true when roles are reversed. Read the article to form your own opinion on the subject.


The High Graduation Rate of Black Students in Prince George County Maryland Has Brought Charges of Grade Inflation by Public Officials

A surprisingly large number of black students graduated this year within Prince George’s County in Maryland. Instead of congratulating the teachers and the students on their accomplishments they are accusing the county of fraud; grade inflation.


What Being Black In America Feels Like For Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Mahershala Ali And Others

4:44, Jay-Z’s most recent album explored the idea of race and success and he got some other hip-hop artists to speak their mind on the topic as well. Read the article to see what their thoughts were.


John McEnroe, Serena Williams and the Erasure of Black Female Excellence

Serena Williams, one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, receives backlash from male tennis player, John McEnroe, not because of her talents or lack thereof, but because she is black and a female, but somehow she still comes out on top.


Google Launches ‘Lynching In America’ Project Exploring Country’s Violent Racial History

Google does the unthinkable and creates a project dedicated to the history of lynchings in America. Read all about it here.


#SaveUnderground: Aisha Hinds on Freedom Dreams and Revolutionary Art

“Underground” was more than just another television show to many and that is why so many are enraged that it has been taken off the air. Find out why in this article.


Yes, You Can Measure White Privilege

How the advantages conferred by white privilege show up in economic differences between white and black people in four areas: education, employment, income, and spending.


Netflix’s Dear White People digs into everyday racism

With heart and humor and a steady gaze, Dear White People makes sure to portray its characters as whole individuals and not just human embodiment of their beliefs.


The KKK Is Working To Get Out The Vote — For Donald Trump, Of Course

Within a week of the election, the KKK steps up its efforts to elect Trump president by leafleting neighborhoods in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Louisiana and advertising their endorsements through David Duke’s Senate campaign and their own newspapers.