Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall

Stand with others who believe in freedom for all people.

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By placing my name on the Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall, I pledge to take a stand against hatred and injustice. I will work in my daily life for human rights, racial equality, and reconciliation.



Freedom-Lovers (no photos)

  • Ellen Miller
    Wisconsin, USA
    Registered Nurse
  • Elliot Schultz
    Wisconsin, USA
    Graduate Student \ National Park Ranger
  • Ginny Flynn
    Wisconsin, USA
  • Lynn Derrwaldt PhD
    Wisconsin, USA
    Business Owner
  • Jim Steffes
    Wisconsin, USA
    Fitness Consultant
  • Mary Askin
    Wisconsin, USA
    Administrative Assistant
  • Tracy Montgomery
    Idaho, USA
    English Professor
  • Beverley Grim-Johnson
    North Carolina, USA
  • Colleen Berg
    Wisconsin, USA
    Afterschool Program Coordinator
  • Diana Lynn Hinton
    Wisconsin, USA
    Resource Specialist, Dept. of Labor
  • Yokairy Tavarez
    New York, USA
  • Stephanie Velasquez
    Texas, USA
    (none given)
  • Paula Plasky
    Wisconsin, USA
    Retired/Social Services
  • Virginia Flynn
    Wisconsin, USA
    Head of School
  • Liz Luciano
    Wisconsin, USA
    Service Coordinator
  • Janell T. Brown
    Illinois, USA
    Court Clerk
  • Joseph Segor
    Florida, USA
    Retired Attorney
  • Kevin Kuschel
    Wisconsin, USA
  • Rocío Sánchez Ajamil
    Madrid, Spain
  • Cheri
    Wisconsin, USA
  • Chris Bork
    Michigan, USA
    Clinical Application Trainer
  • Haroon
    ICT, Pakistan
  • Becky Torrisi
    Wisconsin, USA
    Project Manager
  • Jessica MacPhail
    Wisconsin, USA
  • Lucy Hocking
    Wisconsin, USA
  • deseree spear
    Ohio, US
  • Stephanie Willis
    Michigan, USA
    Lifelong Learner & Humanitarian
  • Jane P. Hunter
    Illinois, USA
    Coordinator Of Education Services