Three African American employees at a Mercer County plant claim someone hung a noose in front of their lockers. Now they plan to take action.

Noose in front of lockers of African American workers

Noose in front of lockers of African American workers

The noose was attached to a shower stall in the locker room at the Siemens Turbomachinery plant in Trenton back in January. Since the incident, the workers have hired an attorney and say they plan to sue the company for racial discrimination and harassment.

Siemens sent a written statement to NBC10 regarding the incident:

“The placement of a noose in a Siemens facility is a deplorable, aggressive act. Siemens condemns such behavior in the strongest terms. When learning of this incident, the company promptly notified law enforcement and commenced an internal investigation by a corporate security team that includes members with 30+ years of experience with the FBI. The company is actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies.”