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Until his death in 2006, Dr. James Cameron personally told the story of his narrow escape as a teenager from death by lynching to many ABHM visitors. He felt God saved him to help America live up to its ideals of liberty and justice for all. He became an early civil rights pioneer, factory worker and store owner, historian and author, museum founder, and father of five college educated children.

Through the generosity of individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations, America’s Black Holocaust Museum honors and memorializes people of African heritage in United States as the resilient survivors of a holocaust – and major contributors to our country’s economic, social, and cultural development.

ABHM also pays tribute to the contributions, past and present, of all those working to advance racial justice, repair, and reconciliation.

Dr. James Cameron addressed US Senators and descendants of lynching victims in Washington DC, 2005.

Members of the Legacy-Builders Society commit themselves to carrying the racial repair and reconciliation work of ABHM founder, Dr. James Cameron, into the future by making a regular gift of sustaining support.

Your annual tax-deductible charitable gift helps bring world-class exhibitions, public education and programming to national and global audiences, and provides critical support to our museum operations.

On behalf of the Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation Board of Directors and staff, we thank you for your commitment and investment in the ongoing work of racial repair and reconciliation.

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*ABHM is operated by the Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Unrestricted gifts are accepted at all levels and are tax-deductible.