This is the museum’s lobby. From here you can choose which gallery to enter.

There are six galleries that tell the story of the Black Holocaust in chronological order from life in Africa before slavery to life in present-day USA.

About ABHM Gallery tells the story of the museum and its founder, who survived a lynching.

Each gallery has a home page that lists all its current exhibits – and a peek at planned exhibits.

Explore the galleries in order – or start in one and jump to another by pulling down the Galleries menu on the navigation bar above. Stories within each gallery contain links, so you can follow interconnected stories from one exhibit to another. Or from one gallery to another.

The museum is constantly adding exhibits. Cyberspace is virtually infinite, so you will always find your favorite exhibits alongside the new ones.



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The Story of the Black Holocaust:

Special Exhibitions:

A Memorial to the Victims of Lynching

The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall

The Stories Behind the Postcards: Paintings and Collages of Jennifer Scott