When Jack Anick read in the newspaper that America’s Black Holocaust Museum needed accounting help, he immediately called the article’s author, James Causey, to offer his firm’s services.

Anick, Jack and Linda

Linda and Jack Anick. Linda was quoted in the Business Journal in October 2010 as saying, “I would never go back to the corporate world after working with nonprofits.”Photo: The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee.

Mr. Anick had been a frequent visitor to ABHM and was dismayed when the museum closed in 2008. He decided to provide his company’s array of services pro bono to support ABHM’s rebirth.

Anick & Associates is an internationally known financial and management service exclusively for non-profit agencies. Located in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Anick has been serving clients around the USA and in several foreign countries for over thirty years.

ABHM’s Board of Directors is very grateful to Jack Anick and his associates for volunteering the important services they have already begun to provide to the museum.

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