By Jessica Dickerson, the Huffington Post

Hanover, NH – “If colleges cannot address current events in an intellectually rigorous manner then what are they good for?” Mary K. Coffey, Dartmouth University’s Art History department chair, asks.

Dartmouth is set to offer a course titled “10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter,” centered around racial inequality and violence in America. Professors across more than 10 academic disciplines, from the humanities to geography to mathematics, will come together for an interdisciplinary approach to modern and historic perspectives of America’s racial climate.

A student "die-in" protest held at Dartmouth University's Baker-Berry Library on Jan. 16

A student “die-in” protest held Jan. 16 at Dartmouth University’s Baker-Berry Library.

“The course has the potential to be revolutionary insofar as the students who take it will come away with a wide ranging critical framework for thinking through not only what happened in Ferguson (and elsewhere), but also why we continue to see so much violence perpetrated against poor people of color,” Coffey told The Huffington Post.

The course is scheduled to begin during the university’s upcoming spring term

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