Today America’s Black Holocaust Museum celebrates its first year as a successful virtual museum!

Here are some vital annual statistics:

Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and try something!

Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and try something! (Boys on a Tree, courtesy of artist Jennifer Scott)

  • Unique (First Time) Visitors = 38,082
  • Returning Visitors = 5143
  • US Visitors = 34,316
  • Wisconsin Visitors = 4935
  • Total Pageviews = 112,170
  • Views of Videos Produced for ABHM = 6295
  • Total Number of Exhibits (including gallery pages and special exhibits) = 2458
  • Countries Reached = 168

Some of the comments about ABHM left on the website:

  • I love this museum, it’s very informative and has very artistic exhibits. I will never forget!!! Thank you
  • Working on project for African American History for 5-year old grandson.
  • The information provided is definitely a window to the happenings of the turbulent past.  I am hopeful that this will be a tool used by school aged  children to become aware of history so as to understand it and learn how to develop healthy both mentally and emotionally in the midst of change. I am looking forward to the upcoming additions.
  • Thank you for this informative website. Can you give me any information on the origin of the poster above (The Two Platforms)? I’ve seen a variation of it for a PA governor race, but have also seen it traced to the presidential election of 1856.
  • James is an inspiration for all man kind. It would have been great if Dr. Cameron could have lived long enough to witness President Obama’s election in 2008.

The Gift, by Charles Bibbs.

In the upcoming year, look for:

  • A museum store
  • Curriculum resources for teachers
  • Student-curated exhibits (vetted by our Editorial Board, of course)
  • More exhibits in each gallery
  • A new gallery: Reconstruction
  • More work by fine artists
  • and just maybe…depending on funding…a computer game!

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We hope you’ll come back often – and bring your children and your friends.

Thanks for visiting and making our first year a success!