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Response to the exhibit The Education of Black Children in the Jim Crow South

From Chang in Baltimore MD

I have to say, I’m stunned. Not in the way you’ve misrepresented history and manipulated it to serve your ideas but in the way people actually think that blacks can appreciate anything other than gang, drug and pimp lifestyles. Why do blacks wind up in jail in vastly disproportionate numbers? Whitey, of course. Drug use, same blame. Haggard family morals? Whitey made that happen too. Soon whites and Asians will wake up and your suckling of the tit will end. What then? Oh wait, no black has EVER created anything of value.  I doubt this message will ever see the light of day…

From Joseph in Trenton NJ

Holocaust? Really???

As a Jew I am offended that the black criminal society can even try to equate their vague “suffering” to the Jews.

Blacks take no responsibility because they are a separate species who cannot exhibit self restraint in any form. Is it any wonder non blacks fled from the foul stench of the ape wearing fubu?

From Madeline Gann


From Bob

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Location: neenah wi

niggers diserved it all

The Lingering Legacy of Lynching and Trayvon Martin

Submitted on 2012/08/10 at 12:33 PM

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

I am so sick of these BS comparisons. These lynchings were horrific, but T. Martin was a thug/gangster, gold teeth and all. He was violent and aggressive toward Zimmerman, and Zimmerman, tragic as it was, did what he had to do.


Sanford decision to move Trayvon Martin memorial causes uproar in black community

Fuck You Niggers!
Submitted on 2012/08/09 at 9:19 PM

Location: Bumfukt, Egypt

It’s about time that Goddamn trash was removed from the entrance to the development. No shrine for a little nigger thug should have to be endured by humans. That fuckin’ ape got exactly what was comin’ to him. A permanent dirtnap.

Hope the rest of you violent apes suffer the same fate soon.

Message on ABHM Contact Form, received March 14, 2013

From: glenn scheuerman <>
City: racine
State: wi
Subject: race card

Message Body:


1.Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale
There should be no black holocaust museum,HOW DARE THE BLACK race compare the slavery to what to the Jews?!
your race has no shame i actually dont believe you belong to the human race, but are simians, there are so many similarities in actions, facial, body structure, you are apes!

Amanda Mosher

Location: Maryland

Congratulations. You keep racism alive. How dare you compare slavery to the WWII Nazi genocide. Not even close to the same. Neither I, nor my family have ever owned slaves of any kind ( at least as far back as I have traced to the 1600s). In fact many of them fought against slavery. Yet you demonize me because I APPEAR to be white. Good job keeping the hate alive with websites like this and race specific TV channels, books, magazines, music, greeting cards, ETC, ETC, ETC, ETC. Who is the real racist? You are accomplishing nothing except continuing racism for future generations.

Willie rochell

Submitted on 2013/08/17 at 2:08 PM

Location: none

Kurt its obvious your white. You know white people were buttholes and racist pigs especially in 1927. No black man had to do anything to be treated that way and u know it. Jim crow bs was allover the south. Crooked cops,judges,jurors etc. White people are hateful,liars,manipulative, and feel so obligated to everything. New day now buddy. Killers for no reason and ignorance will burn in hell (white people ) for eternity. Church dont care your race.

Response to the exhibit Voting Rights for Blacks and Poor Whites in the Jim Crow South

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Location: Somewhere

This is an awful site and nobody should every use it. Also bob is a jerk.


Response to the exhibit How Slavery Became the Law of the Land “For Blacks Only”

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Submitted on 2015/03/12 at 9:24 PM      Location: none

To: “For Blacks Only” Website

Fm: Whites at large.

Consider your African Ancestor Holocaust Progenitators and be happy how, instead of them killling your families, they only enslaved them prior to selling them to the white traders. Go visit Fort Jesus in Mombasa, and understand how your ancestors arrived at this slave prison only through the efforts of other BLACK African people.

Response to the exhibit The Five Pillars of Jim Crow

Race Skog
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Location: Storres, Conneticut

why talk about blacks when whites r cooler


Sean Pardee
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Location: Storrs, Connecticut

I hate black people

Response to the exhibit Our Mission

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Response to the exhibit What is the Black Holocaust?



Response to the exhibit Efforts by Counties and Towns to Purge Minority Voters from Rolls

Response to the exhibit Racism is Behind Outlandish Theories about Africa’s Ancient Architecture