By Julia Craven and Amber Ferguson, the Huffington Post

President Barack Obama is no stranger to Internet racism, but this is just ridiculous: typing “nigga house” into Google Maps can land you at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A screenshot of the glitch, confirmed by HuffPost Politics, was posted to Twitter by a user named Bomani Buckhalter.


“The screenshot first appeared from a fellow Howard University alum in our alumni GroupMe. I tested it out myself, and it started to spread rapidly in the other Howard University/DMV area GroupMe,” Buckhalter told The Huffington Post…

As Buckhalter noted, results can vary depending on a user’s location. One Twitter user found that typing the term into Google Maps took her straight to a Waffle House.NationalNHouse

It’s unclear exactly what’s happening here. Reached for comment, a company spokesperson told HuffPost, “Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologise for any offence this may have caused. Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly.”

The spokesperson did not explain why the results are popping up…

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