By Carrie Healey,

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation started a fund to buy George Zimmermann “a new gun and fight attacks on the Second Amendment.” (…)

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

“This move to prevent Mr. Zimmerman from claiming his property is an unacceptable abuse of power,” the Buckeye Firearms Foundation wrote in their post. ”And the threats of federal charges on civil rights grounds is little more than blatant pandering for political gain.” The post says that the organization will be “purchasing a NEW FIREARM for [Zimmerman], including a holster, flashlight, and any other gear he wants.”

“It’s a travesty to keep harassing someone who didn’t do anything wrong in defending his life,” President of the Buckeye Firearms Association Jim Irvine told theGrio.


Irvine said they want to replace Zimmerman’s property because “it can cause some mental trauma to not be able to protect yourself.” He reports the group has raised over $5,000.”We didn’t set a specific goal,” Irvine said.“We just wanted to get him a gun, a holster, some ammunition, a belt to go with it if he needs.”


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